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Road surfacing services across Surrey:

Our Road/Car Surfacing Expertise

With 20+ years of operating experience and expertise in car park, footpath, courtyard, playground and street design/reconstruction Queenswood Property Developments are one of the premier experts across Surbiton, Surrey and the neighbouring regions.

Tarmacadam or Tarmac is often thought to be the cheapest method of road surfacing for driveways or forecourts. Tarmac Surfacing can also be laid rather quickly which allows for minimal disruption to public services and possible commuters (for larger public areas). When undertaking commercial projects our work can be carried out during off peak hours to further reduce possible inconvenience to road users.

Tarmac is suitable for areas to be commonly used by vehicles, areas such as; driveways, forecourts and farm paths etc. The wearing/surface course (the uppermost surface) can also be coloured by using a coloured binder, often with coloured aggregates, or by incorporating coloured coated chippings into a wearing course.

We strive to ensure that every one of our clients receive the best attention and value for money. For our domestic as well as commercial clients, we offer a free consultation and quotation for your road surface requirement/s and we are more than happy to provide expert helpful advice on your particular project.

Over time, road surfaces become worn out due to the volume of traffic that use them and the different extremes of weather that affect them. Different surface treatments are used according to all the circumstances of the road, such as the current condition, how busy the road is and the most efficient treatment for the future, how many years of good condition will result from the money spent on the treatment.

Surface Dressing is used where the surface is in reasonably good condition, but needs some quick, overall improvement which can last up to ten years. We can cover a large area very quickly at relatively low cost. Here at Queenswood Property Developments we use surface dressing on most of our car park/road surfacing projects.

Resurfacing is where the existing surface is removed and a completely new depth of surface is laid as a replacement. This treatment is commonly used where the road is badly worn and needs to take possible heavy traffic and last a long time. This process can be expensive and takes a considerably longer period of time to complete.


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